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03/09/2009 26/09/2009



$ 7880




Altai tours

 The international trans-border expedition "Altai - Golden Mountains" is an exclusive and unique tourist product of the premium class. It is a car route on the territories of four countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China, which combine common geographical, historical, cultural, ethnographical and spiritual forms. The route passes over the traditional worship places of power for natives.
The length and the difficulty of the route, duration made this route unique in the tourist market of Russia.
The Bigger Altai, the territory of the route is considered to be the site of the special energy and power according to the cultures of the East. 
The beauty of the landscapes is unbelievable. The tourists cross the mountain and steppes of Altai. The region is unique by the variety of its natural features (mountainous massifs with rapid rivers and deep-water lakes, hot steppes, taiga and the valleys of the plain rivers). All these intertwine with great history of Altai. The members of the expedition visit open-air archeological museums, the caves with petroglyphic drawings of the prehistoric tribes, worship places of the pristine nations. 
One of the sides of the route is the contact with the natives, whose hospitality and spiritual freedom are to be endlessly astonished.
The members of the expedition overcome the zigzags of the mountainous roads, boiling rivers and the infinity oа the Mongolian steppes, certainly, with enjoy conquest of the time, the space and the circumstances...          


03.07.2015 - 10.07.2015

700 steps with shaman

(10 days, 9 nights, July 2015)

In this tour you will have great opportunity to visit Lake Baikal and also take part in III Interregional Ethno-cultural festival “Yordyn’s games”. You will see sacred rituals of local people and it will be possible to take part in buryat national round dance Yohor. Group of dancers move roundly slowly singing and shaking. Singing chorus singers move faster and faster and then steps transform into jumps. 
Open new for yourself together with Baikal Discovery.

 Good luck and have a good trip.



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